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2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing Resume

Digital marketing coaching also includes teaching the professionals in the area how to leverage their career.

If you are a digital marketing professional looking for a new job, here are two creative and data-driven ways to upgrade your resume.

postimage 2CreativeTipsforaGreatDigitalMarketingResume keywords - 2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing ResumeBe aware of the keywords

Recruiters are now using digital scanning systems that allow them to quickly discover which resumes include the most relevant keywords for the job. Sometimes they reject a resume without even looking at it because it doesn’t feature the keywords considered necessary.

As a digital marketing professional, you definitely have at least a basic knowledge of SEO. Use it to research the most important keywords for the industry, the company and the position.

You can do that by carefully reading the job description and figuring out which skills are emphasized. Then, you just need to make sure they are included in your resume. You can even use free software to maximize its potential with SEO.

postimage 2CreativeTipsforaGreatDigitalMarketingResume womanlaptop - 2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing ResumeBack up your information with links

In a sector that revolves around the internet, you need to back up your claims on the resume with links that provide essential data.

You should link to the sources that show the best work you have done. That includes blogs, studies, articles, videos, infographics, social posts, among many other pieces of content.

These links will assure the recruiter that you are a capable, transparent and hardworking professional. A great idea is including a link for every skill you mention in the resume. It will immediately make it much stronger and intriguing.

Get one step ahead of the other candidates by applying these two effective tips!

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3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

Developing a solid digital marketing strategy for a theater can be hard, particularly if it is located in a metropolitan area and you have strong competition.

The Creative Dork will coach you in three ways for you to upgrade your metropolitan theater marketing.

Update Your Email Marketing

When adapted to new customer behaviors, email is still an important marketing tool. It can be the perfect medium to keep your theatergoers interested, give helpful information and share interesting content.

postimage 3WaystoUpgradetheDigitalMarketingofYourTheater girlsusingpc - 3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

For that, create a weekly or monthly newsletter. It can include news, reviews and articles. Set up a call to action on your website for visitors to subscribe to the newsletter.

Delivering regular content to your customers will strengthen your relationship with them, and build trust and reputation outside the events you host.

Use Hashtags

Social media marketing is truly powerful. Cinemas and music halls are leading the way in using hashtags to promote their events. You don’t want to be left behind.

Come up with a memorable and unique hashtag for your theater. Use it in your posts and soon enough, users will immediately associate the hashtag with your venue.

For each production, you host, create a hashtag and use it on every social media piece addressing the event.

postimage 3WaystoUpgradetheDigitalMarketingofYourTheater hashtag - 3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

Encourage your followers to use the hashtags of your theater and the play when posting about them. Spreading these hashtags will create consistency, social buzz and a differentiating image, all valuable elements to digital marketing.

Sell Your Tickets on Various Channels

People want to buy tickets for a theater production with just a few clicks. If you only sell tickets through your website, many potential goers will not even know about your cultural agenda.

You need to meet purchasers where they are. That means spreading your tickets across multiple ticketing channels.

Some of these platforms can even pair your theater tickets with discounts for hotels or restaurants, which gives customers added reasons to go see your productions.

To efficiently monitor how your tickets are distributed online, we recommend you start using a ticket distribution system.

These three simple steps will get people on your seats!

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3 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Food Tour Business

Food tours are increasing in popularity among tourists visiting a new location. That brings you the opportunity to start profiting with a well designed and implemented strategy for a food tour business.

Food tour

To put it simply, a food tour is a walking tour that provides a gastronomic experience. The tour has designated stops at restaurants, cafés and other food spots. It typically lasts a couple of hours, although some can stretch for an entire day and cover all meals.

postimage 3DigitalMarketingTipsforYourFoodTourBusiness donuts - 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Food Tour Business

A food tour provides national and international visitors with a unique exploring activity that lets them discover the history, the culture and the gastronomy of the region.

In the digital era, how can you market your food tour business online?

Use Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all suitable platforms for you to engage with your potential visitors.

Focus on the visual aspect of your social presence. A photo of a delicious meal is much more likely to attract tourists than a description of the menu.

That is why you need to take the time to go to all the food spots on your tour and take top-quality pictures of the spaces and the food. After you post them, engage with users in the comment section and give them the information they are asking for.

postimage 3DigitalMarketingTipsforYourFoodTourBusiness usinglaptopsocialmedia - 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Food Tour Business

Post Relevant Content

You must research your target audience and the niche of your activity. Then, you need to come up with a content marketing strategy on how to combine them to post content that is compelling and relates to your business.

The content should be fun, light and engaging, but also provide clear and relevant information.

The main goal of your posts is to promote your food tour business. But sometimes, you need to address it indirectly, while writing about interesting topics related to your work.

The users will not feel like they are being marketed to, which is a great way for them to build trust and interest around your brand, not just what you sell.

Come up With Promotional Activities

You can create an Instagram contest and ask your followers to use a specific hashtag when they post a picture of their favorite meal or restaurant. The best photos will be featured on your page and the winner gets a free food tour.

postimage 3DigitalMarketingTipsforYourFoodTourBusiness discusshands - 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Food Tour Business

Another idea is to create a Facebook giveaway. The user with the most likes or shares is awarded special dishes or discounts on their tour.

You can think of countless other promotional activities that will expand your audience.

Don’t forget these vital digital marketing tips. They can truly help your food tour business grow.