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The Creative Dork is a company located in the United States and founded in 2017. Our team provides digital marketing coaching services to dozens of different companies and professionals across several business sectors.

Some of our main clients work in the areas of food and beverage, culture and entertainment, technology, publishing and digital media.

Our mission

The mission of The Creative Dork is to help as many businesses and professionals as possible to leverage the power of digital marketing in a way that boosts results in their activity.

We coach marketing professionals and teams across various departments on how to create and implement a strong, up-to-date and adaptable digital marketing strategy.

Our goal is for them to be able to maximize to the fullest the potential of numerous marketing tools. Often our focus is on websites, social media and email.

Our vision

The vision of The Creative Dork is to become a leading digital marketing coaching provider nationally and internationally. We want to keep upgrading and innovating our methods and practices.

And we want to continuously find new and better ways to fully adapt our coaching to the needs and demands of each of our clients.

Our motto

The motto of The Creative Dork is creative coaching to boost results. The ultimate goal of any good digital marketing strategy is to produce positive results.

Depending on your business, that can translate in increasing sales, visits, shares or donations. The entirety of our work stems from our promise of helping each and every partner generate a boost in results.

Our blog

The official blog for The Creative Dork is a fresh space, online since April 2019. Our team decided to develop the blog as a way to bring our coaching to countless business owners and professionals browsing the web at home or at work.

We want our readers to have a glimpse of what we can do for their business. You will find tips and guides for a multitude of different types of activities.