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The 3 Essential Digital Marketing Steps to Create an Influential Blog

These are the three basic foundations for anyone who wants to become an influential blogger. Follow these steps from day one and earn your privileged spot in the web sphere.

Discover your niche

People will come back to your blog regularly if they perceive you as a trusted source on certain topics. Posting about a wide variety of subjects is ultimately counterproductive.

It is much better to be an expert in one area than to dive into many and only scratch the surface of them. Instead of attracting many audiences, you are actually making them view your content as irrelevant.

postimage The3EssentialDigitalMarketingStepstoCreateanInfluentialBlog typinginlaptop - The 3 Essential Digital Marketing Steps to Create an Influential BlogTo have better chances of succeeding, try finding a niche that is not already crowded on the web, but that has a significant group of followers.

After deciding, keep updating your knowledge on the niche constantly. And of course, post content that is also up-to-date.

Share your blogs on social media, particularly in communities of bloggers of the same niche. This will grant you valuable connections that will likely share your content with their own network.

Produce relevant content

You will only become an influential blogger if you provide your users with the content they want. Useful, relevant, interesting and enjoyable. Your readers need to be sure that, every time they land on your blog, they will find content that matters to them.

The keyword you need to keep in mind is value. We are incessantly bombarded with pieces of content online.

It takes mere milliseconds for us to decide whether we want to dive deeper into that information or not. Will it bring any value?

That is why your content has to be clear, straightforward and unique. Readers need to feel that you give them tips that they can put into practice to improve their lives.

If you are able to achieve that, you will earn a loyal following that will be thankful every time you post something new.

postimage The3EssentialDigitalMarketingStepstoCreateanInfluentialBlog twopeoplelaptop - The 3 Essential Digital Marketing Steps to Create an Influential BlogFind a way to stand out

By definition of the term influential blogger, one of the requirements to reach that status is to stand out from the rest.

You have surely crossed paths with blogs that post general content simply embellished with a few different details so it seems new. You are probably thinking that many of those are extremely successful. Well, that’s true.

But it’s much likely that they were not as generic during their beginning days. They had to be different to win a following. Although it is not a recommendable blogging practice, now they have the luxury of keeping it more basic.

The lesson is: when you are starting out, there is no other way than to stand out. Brainstorming is vital.

Is there a specific tone you can give to your blog that will resonate with an audience? Can you come up with a tagline, a visual identity or a special series of articles that will put you one step ahead of the crowd? The questions are practically endless.

Talk to successful bloggers about which ideas allowed them to be noticed from the beginning. Don’t copy their concepts, but feel free to follow their strategies.

Remember. Before coming up with any other marketing strategies for childcare centers, you need to check these three boxes.

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The Top 4 Tips to Promote Your Book Signing with Social Media Marketing

We decided to coach the independent authors out there on how to promote their book signings with digital marketing. Here are the top four ways to succeed!

postimage TheTop4TipstoPromoteYourBookSigningwithSocialMediaMarketing facebook - The Top 4 Tips to Promote Your Book Signing with Social Media Marketing

Event page on Facebook

Event pages on Facebook are extremely easy to set up and a truly powerful marketing tool.

On the page, you should post concise and interesting information about your book signing, post photos, invite users and constantly keep track of who is likely to attend.

Engage with the interested users in the comment section of your posts. You should also drop the links to your main Facebook page, your website and platforms to purchase your books.

postimage TheTop4TipstoPromoteYourBookSigningwithSocialMediaMarketing twitterletters - The Top 4 Tips to Promote Your Book Signing with Social Media Marketing

Hashtags on Twitter

Come up with a unique hashtag for your book signing. Include it in every single one of your tweets addressing the event.

The hashtag should be short and easy to memorize. First, look it up to see if it is already being used for other purposes.

After deciding on the one, keep track of how it is performing on the platform. Adapt it if necessary.

postimage TheTop4TipstoPromoteYourBookSigningwithSocialMediaMarketing writergroup - The Top 4 Tips to Promote Your Book Signing with Social Media Marketing

Join writer groups

There are great writer communities in practically every social network, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of these groups allow you to promote your book signing events.

You will get writers and readers interested in your work. Some of the writers may use their influence to help you reach out to more users by sharing your posts.

postimage TheTop4TipstoPromoteYourBookSigningwithSocialMediaMarketing video - The Top 4 Tips to Promote Your Book Signing with Social Media Marketing

Create a promotional video

A creative idea that will differentiate you and get more people drawn to your book signing is making a short promo video. It is an interesting way to tease your event.

The video should be light and fun, but provide viewers with clear reasons why they should attend the signing. You can use animations and be bold with the colors. You can interview people who are going. There are endless ways to make your video interesting.

What matters is that it suits your brand as an author, the tone of your book and the level of formality of the event. Post the video across your social media accounts.

Be wise with your social media presence and watch readers running to your book signings!

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2 Interesting Ideas to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing offers endless opportunities. But many businesses stick to the basic strategies. Although they are tried and tested, you should integrate new ideas in your plan.

Check out two creative digital marketing ideas that will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Take advantage of graphic design

Your website should provide users with a unique and continuous visual experience from the second they access the landing page to the moment they leave.

But you can further optimize the power of graphic design. The visual experience should start with your ads. Users will be much more drawn to click and check your website.

postimage 2InterestingIdeastoUpgradeYourDigitalMarketing newproductdesign - 2 Interesting Ideas to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

In an era of constant streaming of information, creativity is crucial to grab people’s attention. For better adds, play with bold colors and unique animations.

Don’t forget that the design must be consistent with the visual elements on your website. It should also make clear what you offer.

Apply this idea and grant your customers an online journey from clicking your ad to making a purchase on your site.

Be authentic on social media

Customers want to learn about the team behind a product and a business. Nowadays, the principles that guide your work truly matter.

Social media is the perfect place to break down the walls and show the human side of your company. Post photos, share stories and, most importantly, engage with users.

postimage 2InterestingIdeastoUpgradeYourDigitalMarketing resultsinlaptopscreen - 2 Interesting Ideas to Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

You will be successfully targeting them, without them feeling so. You will be able to create a strong relationship with your customers, based on trust and transparency.

A basic marketing truth is that people need to attribute human characteristics to businesses before feeling ready to buy. With an open social media presence, you can make that process faster and easier.

These two ideas will help you attract clients, build a solid reputation and improve sales!

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The Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Android App

Many technology buffs are coming up with their own concepts for Android apps and developing them independently. You can be an expert on software development, but perhaps you know nothing about marketing your new app on digital media.

Look no further, because we bring you the four best tips for you to build a successful digital marketing strategy for your Android app and earn thousands of users.

Develop a website

If you have what it takes to develop a new Android app, you are definitely able to create a website for it.

If you feel like it is enough, you can just come up with a landing page. The landing page has the goal of introducing users to your app and getting them to download it.

postimage TheTop4DigitalMarketingTipsforYourAndroidApp developwebsite - The Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Android App

To achieve that, the landing page must be clear, simple, straight to the point, memorable and persuasive.

Obviously, when it comes to developing an entire website, more coding is involved. But worry not. You can find numerous great templates that allow you to simply insert your content and get ready to launch.

Make sure that your website runs impeccably across all desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Write a blog

A blog is a great digital marketing tool to promote your Android app. You get to write the content that your target audience is most interested in reading.

A dynamic blog that keeps users coming back frequently is a powerful way to build interest and trust around your app and your brand.

postimage TheTop4DigitalMarketingTipsforYourAndroidApp typinglaptop - The Top 4 Digital Marketing Tips for Your Android App

You can share opinion articles, news and guides revolving around the world of apps and technology.

Your blog is also the perfect place for you to post announcements, policies, tutorials or customer service information directly related to your new Android App.

Create a promotional video

Many of the most successful Android apps on Google Play include a promotional video. You should come up with your own short video about your app, why to download it and how to use it.

Having your promo video on Google Play, YouTube, social media and your website can be the catalyst for an exponential increase in users. People online are much more drawn to visuals than to text.

A video also helps your app achieve professional and reliable status in the minds of your potential customers.

Make sure that the visual elements are lively and differentiating, while not being overwhelming. The information should be clear and concise. The viewers need to feel like they have retained the essential information needed to be enticed to download the app.

Take advantage of social media

Creating accounts on various social media platforms will earn you a following of loyal users. Their comments and shares will easily spread online word-of-mouth for your new app. It is basically free marketing.

If they are motivated by fun contests and giveaways, the more they will recommend your Android app to their friends and relatives.

You can also develop a plan to place paid ads on social networks. It can truly pay off if you make sure that your target audience is the one crossing paths with your ads.

Put these four steps into practice and you will be on the right track to get your Android app downloaded by countless users!

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2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing Resume

Digital marketing coaching also includes teaching the professionals in the area how to leverage their career.

If you are a digital marketing professional looking for a new job, here are two creative and data-driven ways to upgrade your resume.

postimage 2CreativeTipsforaGreatDigitalMarketingResume keywords - 2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing ResumeBe aware of the keywords

Recruiters are now using digital scanning systems that allow them to quickly discover which resumes include the most relevant keywords for the job. Sometimes they reject a resume without even looking at it because it doesn’t feature the keywords considered necessary.

As a digital marketing professional, you definitely have at least a basic knowledge of SEO. Use it to research the most important keywords for the industry, the company and the position.

You can do that by carefully reading the job description and figuring out which skills are emphasized. Then, you just need to make sure they are included in your resume. You can even use free software to maximize its potential with SEO.

postimage 2CreativeTipsforaGreatDigitalMarketingResume womanlaptop - 2 Creative Tips for a Great Digital Marketing ResumeBack up your information with links

In a sector that revolves around the internet, you need to back up your claims on the resume with links that provide essential data.

You should link to the sources that show the best work you have done. That includes blogs, studies, articles, videos, infographics, social posts, among many other pieces of content.

These links will assure the recruiter that you are a capable, transparent and hardworking professional. A great idea is including a link for every skill you mention in the resume. It will immediately make it much stronger and intriguing.

Get one step ahead of the other candidates by applying these two effective tips!

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3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

Developing a solid digital marketing strategy for a theater can be hard, particularly if it is located in a metropolitan area and you have strong competition.

The Creative Dork will coach you in three ways for you to upgrade your metropolitan theater marketing.

Update Your Email Marketing

When adapted to new customer behaviors, email is still an important marketing tool. It can be the perfect medium to keep your theatergoers interested, give helpful information and share interesting content.

postimage 3WaystoUpgradetheDigitalMarketingofYourTheater girlsusingpc - 3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

For that, create a weekly or monthly newsletter. It can include news, reviews and articles. Set up a call to action on your website for visitors to subscribe to the newsletter.

Delivering regular content to your customers will strengthen your relationship with them, and build trust and reputation outside the events you host.

Use Hashtags

Social media marketing is truly powerful. Cinemas and music halls are leading the way in using hashtags to promote their events. You don’t want to be left behind.

Come up with a memorable and unique hashtag for your theater. Use it in your posts and soon enough, users will immediately associate the hashtag with your venue.

For each production, you host, create a hashtag and use it on every social media piece addressing the event.

postimage 3WaystoUpgradetheDigitalMarketingofYourTheater hashtag - 3 Ways to Upgrade the Digital Marketing of Your Theater

Encourage your followers to use the hashtags of your theater and the play when posting about them. Spreading these hashtags will create consistency, social buzz and a differentiating image, all valuable elements to digital marketing.

Sell Your Tickets on Various Channels

People want to buy tickets for a theater production with just a few clicks. If you only sell tickets through your website, many potential goers will not even know about your cultural agenda.

You need to meet purchasers where they are. That means spreading your tickets across multiple ticketing channels.

Some of these platforms can even pair your theater tickets with discounts for hotels or restaurants, which gives customers added reasons to go see your productions.

To efficiently monitor how your tickets are distributed online, we recommend you start using a ticket distribution system.

These three simple steps will get people on your seats!